Spring is in the air

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are entering into the magical season of Spring.  Spring for me is like the beginning of a romance, the wonderful awkwardness of a budding relationship is like the clumsiness seen as a baby bird wobbles around the nest. The butterflies in your stomach equate to literal butterflies seen on every blooming flower. And as with new love when you see the world through rose coloured spectacles, every morning in Spring feels like you are seeing the world anew. However much like love, I am horribly allergic to Spring. My favourite season brings literal tears to my eyes with each new sneeze.  I am on constant medication to stop my eyes from swelling shut, to stop me from wanting to scratch my own eyes out… Yet still I love Spring. Each year, I like forward to it with nervous trepidation, yet hopeless excitement.

Much the same as I still love, LOVE. After every horrible breakup, or hookup that goes nowhere, every unrequited love affair, or hopeless crush- my faith remains strong. The romantic in me has a good cry, filled with every hopeless cliche of comfort eating and marathon reading sessions. But then the minute the metaphorical weather starts to change in my love life, and there is a new bud starting to bloom, it is as if every hurt or allergy is forgotten and all I see is the beauty all around. Heres hoping I finally find the love that transcends the seasons. That I go through a season of passionate summer with someone, and even a season of comfortable winter- but that a season of butterfly filled Spring is always near.

Hello Spring. Hello Love



3 thoughts on “Spring is in the air

  1. It’s so interesting to read a blog post about someone living in the so. hemisphere! 🙂 I love it! Here in the No. Hemisphere, and particularly the west coast of the United States, I am seeing the slow revealing of fall (the sun going away sooner, nights much colder) and I love the winter. I can’t wait for it, even though it makes me hate commuting to work and makes me long for the sunshine.


  2. Funnily enough I actually quite like winter as well, especially since in Pretoria South Africa, our winters are quite mild. The shorter days are annoying though, and I hate not being able to get up and go for a run in the morning! Enjoy fall, from what I see all over the internet and pinterest- Americans love this season, with Pumpkin latte’s and all sorts of really interesting things!


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