New Year, New Me

And so begins another year. As the fireworks fade away and the gyms fill up I feel myself panicking under the pressure of all that I am supposed to become. January brings with it the memories of a fabulous holiday, far too much festive food and a few new festive kilograms to make sure you don’t quickly forget the holidays. January also brings with it a myriad of resolutions, goals and dreams. Something about the New Year makes you want to change, to be better, to do more.

This year I was decidedly against New Years Resolutions until inevitably I fell victim to the posivitivity and peer pressure that is a new diet, new fitness programme, new reading list and new travel wish lists. As I stand now on the 20th of January I have more lists and resolutions than ever before, despite telling myself they never work and that I refused to disappoint myself.

The difference with this year is that at the top of these lists I decided to make one big resolution: This Year I will Chase Happiness. This is kind of a get out of jail free card if I don’t manage to accomplish all my resolutions, but in the same breathe it is a reminder to live. Sometimes taking stock of your life and writing down your ambitions is the best way to realize what makes you happy, and if each year, in each moment we chase happiness- we might accomplish every resolution, or might create completely new ones, or might bask in the laziness of a day spent reading. But in the end be satisfyingly happy. And isn’t that the real aim in life in any case.

hapiness is 2


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