I am a part time student, full time teacher and a sometimes writer. I lie, I am an always writer, just most things I write are just for me. I have an absolute passion for language: written and spoken and everything in between. As a twenty-something I feel typically misunderstood and under-appreciated, yet with each passing year I feel more myself than ever before. I love beauty, but war with it as well. I am a very comfortable-in-her-own-skin introvert. No this does not mean I am a societal misfit or that I hate people, just that occasionally (read:often) I need my own space to reconnect. I love Jesus, travelling, children, animals (especially the cute furry kind), reading, live music and friends. I love people with passion and intellectual debates. I am a hopeless romantic, that has never really found love. Every time I spell the word “because” I still say “betty eats cakes and uncle sells eggs” to remember how to spell it. And as you can tell I have officially run out of things about me…

Oh, also, I live in South Africa- just to clear up any potential colloquialisms, seasonal questions and time zone confusion.


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